Belle use Kids Sunscreen all day long!

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Belle loves going outdoor to play in the park and strolling around the streets. No matter what month it is in the year, we always have her put on sunblock when she goes out. People might think that it is not necessary to put sunblock during winter time which is a total mistake because there actually still sun during day time.

We tested out a few products and the one that was a winner for us was a brand from Australia (see picture above) because it has high PA++++ and it is water resistant which is good for days at the park since they start sweating from the running they do on play structures.

Reasons we find this a good sunblock: 

  • Belle has eczema and this product is fragrance free, making it better for kids fragile skin.
  • We like sunblock that has a high SPF to protect the skin from UV (Cancer Council Australia is SPF 50+)

How & when you should apply sunblock

  • Everyday!
  • We apply it every 2-4 hours depending on the level of sun exposure the kids receive to make sure they are protected. Many people mistakenly thinks that we only need to apply in the morning and we are good to go but the truth is, we need to do it every couple hours.
  • You don’t need to apply a lot of sunblock each time, Belle usually just tabs a little on her face on every part of her face and blends it with her fingers. Since she goes to school, she puts a bottle in her backpack and apply whenever necessary.

There you have it, easy application of sunblock to protect baby face from UV light!

-We are not affiliated or sponsored by this Company, we’re just a regular family giving you some of our personal recommendations. Though, if you do have products you want to know more about, Direct Message us and we will take it into consideration as Belle & KitCat loves playing with new products!  e-mail: 

We appreciate your comments and feedback, please follow us and we will continue sharing! Thank you


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