Quick Gradient Lips Method

While I was traveling to Korea, I see lots of girls walking around with really natural lip colors that aren’t really full on lipstick and I wonder why? HOW CAN I get some of that nice gradient look was what I had in my mind.

Remember my quick 5 minute morning make up tip? You can add this into the sequence if you have time to give it a twist to this completely new look.  Every time I put on that lipstick and gloss, I immediately feel brighter. This lip gloss just gives you a good youthful look and glow which is what I’m looking for instead of full blown make up.

In America, I tend to see people just putting full blast lip stick on one’s lip and then gloss all over for the shiny finish. What I want to share with you is what I call “using less is better” and quicker 🙂 Again, as a mommy I can’t have routines that takes too long or needs super perfection to look perfect.

This simple trick may help you as well!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-06 at 11.26.36 AM (1)

Step 1: put on a matted nude color for your whole lips (a quick draw on your lips is fine, you really don’t need much)

Step 2: Instead of putting the lip gloss over and around all the lip area, you just use dab a little in the inside middle part of your lip. let the gloss slowly run around your lips and create its natural blend.  I’m using the Etude house lip gloss from my Korea trip as it smells really fruity and it is super watery which makes it easy for the color to maneuver around your lips.


Final product 🙂 

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