Typical Full Time Mom Weekday With 2 Kids

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As a Full Time working mom, I try my best to be a 100% mom to my kids no matter how busy I get. I wanted to share my typical daily routine to let mommy’s out there know that it is possible to manage your kids and keep a job you want. I’ve came up with simple recipes to whip up for quick meals and setting up daily routines to make sure my kids get enough sleep time + family activity to make sure we are engaged in their daily development. I know it is hard as a full time working mommy, but I want to encourage all the moms out there that you guys are strong and you can do it!

Here is what I do:

6:00 am– Wake up get dress + spend my 10 minutes to make myself presentable!

6:20 am- get coffee brewing, lunch packed, prep quick breakfast to go.

6:45 am– wake 2 kids up and get them dress, brush their teeth, wash face. I know it sometimes take quite a long time to get your kid to actually want to wake up. Read my article about “Sleeping routine on a school day “to get tips on how my kids don’t make a big fuss waking up.

7:10 am- Leave the house, get into the car and drive to preschool center (5 minutes’ drive away from home)

7:15 am– arrive to school, sign them in and kiss + hug them goodbye. It’s very important to kiss and hug goodbye in our family because it shows them we care. Read “Little gestures to show you care” about the routines of our daily life that helps my daughters feel warmth and confident.

7:30 am- Arrive at Bart station to go to work. Its super essential for commuters like me to have a Clipper card as it saves you so much time from getting tickets at the vending machine and also saves you an extra 50 cents per trip.

8:30 am- Arrive to work

5:30 pm – Off work Bart back home to get the kids.

6:30 pm- pick up kids and have them do homework while I prep for dinner. Some quick recipes for dinner we make at home is good and simple for week days. I don’t like eating out too much on week nights as the girls have school the following day, we try to come up with yummy recipes that is filling, refresh and quick.

7:00 pm-dinner with the kids + finding topics to talk to the kids about + learn more about their growth and development

7:30 pm- Have the kids pick their own clothes to wear for the next day (while they do that, you can use the time to put all the dirty dishes and pans inside the dishwasher). Then we are ready for a shower/bath.

8:00 pm-Family Time Activity: reading books, playing with toys and drawing time before we get ready for bed.

8:30 pm– snuggle and we are ready for one bed time story before lights out!

Here you have it, Ng’s family routine for the week day’s when the kids have school the following day.

What is your family routine like? I would love to hear from you. Share us some tips and let’s see how I can incorporate that into our schedule.

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WhatsApp Image 2018-02-05 at 3.03.01 PM (1)that’s me and me doubting my mama skills on a daily basis and working to be a better mommy every second of my life. Hang in there mama’s, there are no set rules or the best way to take care of your child. It really is just what YOU personally feel is the appropriate for your situation. 


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      1. Yes! come for sure. There is so many new attractions and places for kids and adult. Thanks to technology, there are many websites that let us know where to go for fun for cheap or freee! Let me know if you do come, i’ll share some perks on how to get in to some attractions for free with your kiddo!

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  1. Wow you manage to do a lot through the day! I need a lot of learning because I have no kids and I still struggle through the day balancing work life and home! 🙂
    Hope to read more stuff from you!


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