Respecting Your Kids

Respecting your little ones is important

  • Give them the respect you want to receive. Don’t think because they are kids, they won’t understand. Learning starts from day 1 when they come to this world. Every day is a learning lesson for them. As a baby, they are examining the world looking through their pupil to see what kind of environment they are in, how their parents are interacting with them. As toddlers, they continue to explore the world with a cautious eye. If you haven’t heard before, your child is a mini version of you. So mommies and daddy’s should be aware of how you act!

I say this with true story in mind: My daughter is currently 4 years old and little do we know what is going on in their brain, she copies lots of habits and talking gestures that are similar to her dad and I.  One morning, I described her sister KitCat doing an action that meant no good. I asked Belle what she thinks the teacher would say? She answered, “Shit, What the F word”. I was really shock because she used the term correctly at the given moment. Instead of saying No you are wrong, I took this as a learning lesson for the both of us.

What did I learn from this incident? 

  1. This is a big notation to myself that my daughter is actually listening to our “adult” conversation at all times even when unexpected.
  2. She really understands more than I thought.
  3. Instead of yelling at her, I wanted to take the time to explain to her what the word means and why it is inappropriate to use. Even if you feel kids don’t know, I suggest to continue talking and educating them as if they understand 100% completely. If you do so, they will know you have true respect for them and they also learn the reasons behind your teaching.
  4. Acknowledge you are wrong. I know sometimes it’s hard for adults to say to kids that we are wrong but if something is wrong, you need to set an example letting them know. “Yes, I’ve made a mistake and I apologize.” Teaching them about HONESTY is very important to their growth mindset.
  5. A good approach I use to teach my kids about “respect” is through reading books. This also helps build their vocabulary and interest in reading! If you don’t have know what books to start reading, click here for some suggestions & recommendations. 


For the next blog, I would like to share with you HONESTY.


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