Super Pan @FOODiNG’s

Photo of Super Pan - San Francisco, CA, United States. Best Selling - Pepper Beef Rice

A little hip and young vibe restaurant I’ve tried out for lunch. A good cheap find!

Super Pan


5344 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121

b/t 18th Ave & 17th Ave 
Inner Richmond

Cost: $

Attire: casual

Service: Nice friendly servers, they brought out the water and menu once I sat down. Gave me a good amount of time to look at the menu. My dish came out super quick too!

I’ve recently tried this place for lunch seeing that there wasn’t really much people waiting in line; since I was in a hurry, I didn’t want to go to places with long lines. I wasn’t really expecting much because most and many times, places with no lines has its reasons.

I looked at the menu and saw it was a super colorful menu with lots of graphics which is good in my opinion for the next time I come with the kids so they can pick and choose what they see yummy.  I ordered the cheesy omelette rice with beef for my entree and a 3 combo appetizer which is composed of fried squid, fries and popcorn chicken.

Photo of Super Pan - San Francisco, CA, United States

The menu itself is quite abundant. I can see this place as a good hang out area as well since they have a boba menu for drinks (Can do to-go as well). I’ve saw other people ordering drinks and it was a super big cup. Not sure about the taste, but I will be coming back to try for sure!

They have desserts too!

Photo of Super Pan - San Francisco, CA, United States

Entree: Cheesy omelette with beef

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-09 at 10.21.40 AM

  • The portion is quite large and filling due to the cheese
  • The plate comes out pipping hot which is what I like (You may want to be careful with little kids).
  • You kind of need the stone to be hot in order for your meat to cook. It comes out raw.
  • I like the taste but I don’t like how this dish will make me stink when I go out (you may not want to come on a day you have an important meeting or date! haha)
  • They give you a variety of sauce choices so there is something for everyone
  • I like how they don’t put the sauce in for you so that you can adjust according to your own taste

Appetizer: 3 item combo; consist of squid, chicken and fries

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-09 at 10.21.40 AM (1)

  • Fair portion and good to share with others
  • Sauce was just regular ketcup and sweet & sour sauce from large bottles, nothing really to rave about
  • Fried items weren’t overly cooked or fried. You know how some places fry it too long and it becomes hard to chew? Good, they don’t do that at Super Pan
  • Fries were good, specially with garlic and cheese
  • Popcorn chicken was good but nothing to rave about as well

I wouldn’t say that this appetizer dish is a must get because it was good but not great. It is a simple plate that I may get to have something to munch on before your entree comes out.



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