Review on WORLDSYOGA @ Bay Area Yoga Studio’s

Mommy, you can say “no” when you need to.

As a mommy myself, I sometimes feel like I need to take down the world or something. Sometimes we have to be okay with treating ourselves a little better and giving us some me time. I have some inspirational words that keep me going and let me know that I’m alright.

Why say no?

The number of worthy requests isn’t likely to lessen, and you can’t add more time to your day. Are you doomed to be overcommitted? The answer is no, not if you’re willing to say no. It may not be the easy way, but it is a path to stress relief.

What is your stress relief method? I’m testing out different ideas to see what may work for me.

I have tons of workload to do at home and work, it’s like a never ending cycle. I use to work and work non stop because I want to be “perfect” and have tasks completed. Until I got really sick and my health started to suffer. I realize that we really don’t need to push ourselves like that. YOU know your own limits and try to appreciate yourself a little more each day. Praise yourself and give credit for the things you have done. Lately I have been signing up for yoga classes to help myself practice staying calm and not think about anything; let my brain rest and recharge. I always say, “I don’t have time for this” but time is what you control. If your new to yoga, I would recommended trying the hot stone yoga which is super mellow, low key and relaxing. The poses are not hard to do and the movements are very slow. Anyone and everyone can give it a try.

I went to World Yoga because most yoga classes are 90 minutes, but this practice center has 60 minute classes which made me less nervous to give it a try. Another bonus point is that they have Kids yoga! It doesn’t have to only be for yourself, you can sign your whole family up and stay fit together.


I signed up for a week’s trial to test their classes and this is what I feel:

  •  I like how their classes are on the smaller side so you get the attention from instructors.
  •  It has a good variety of classes that fits every level
  • I like how they have entry level hot bikram yoga that is 60 minutes for beginners vs. the usual 90 minutes, it gives me more time to ease in to yoga (though, I actually like to have the room heated up a bit more)
  • They have classes for kids which not all yoga studio have
  • The center is very clean! I know some centers may have a stink odor smell due to bikram yoga, but this one is definitely on the cleaner side
  • They have hardwood floor, not carpet!
  • The bathroom and shower are well stocked with shampoo and toiletry for use
  • You can sign up for classes online to make sure you have a spot when you arrive
  • If you become a member, there is actually 3 centers you are welcome to go to (Fremont, Milpitas and Union City)
  • lots of yoga classes and special guests teaching different variety of classes


Overall, I had a good experience with this yoga center. I probably will go to a few more to trial which one I like the most. Do you practice yoga or any types of exercise to relieve stress and stay healthy? Any recommendation for centers I should go check out? Where do you go?  Besides yoga, is there anything you would recommend me trying?  Let me know and give me some suggestions. I would love to go and share my experience with everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please like and subscribe!


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