Bakeworks Hayes Valley@FOODiNG’s



550 Gough St.
San Francisco, CA

Price: $

Attire: Casual

Service: Nice staff in training

Photo of Hayes Valley Bakeworks - San Francisco, CA, United States

There’s many many local bakeries in Hayes Valley and San Francisco but why do I choose to introduce to you guys about this bakery? First, it is good locally baked goods and made fresh on a daily basis! Second, they help “make lives better”. What does that mean?? Well, I did some research on this bakery and found that this is a non profit organization that hires homeless or at risk adults; providing them with the training to employment. I’m all for doing good deeds and buying for a cause. Knowing that this bakery has such a powerful implementation behind its food definitely drawn me more into purchasing here. The location is right across from the new condominium buildings and johnny donuts.  

I go to this bakery very often because it has a good amount of seating area for people to sit and people watch (They have big clear windows for you to look out). This isn’t really on the popular side of Hayes Valley but a good area to rest and recap for the day.  There is probably more bakery around the city that has more specialties but this is a good local entity that I would recommend you trying. Knowing that everytime you are purchasing here, you are also helping someone who is homeless, doing your fair share of loving the community doesn’t hurt right? Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Photo of Hayes Valley Bakeworks - San Francisco, CA, United States

The inside is very modern and clean with self serve items and a full barista bar of coffee choices that are brewed from Intelligentsia.

This is what I got today: Ham & Cheese Herb Roll

Yummy & fluffy

  • Yummy & fluffy
  • they can toast it up for you if you like
  • crossiant bread smells really good
  • couldn’t really taste the cheese, I would actully prefer having it more cheesy. But it is good for morning breakfast if you don’t want to feel too fat
  • Bread is not dry which is a good thing
  • You know it is baked fresh!

Earl Grey Cake

Photo of Hayes Valley Bakeworks - San Francisco, CA, United States. Earl grey strawberry cake

  • super soft texture
  • the hint of earl grey makes the cake aroma very nice
  • not overly sweet which is definitely what I prefer
  • you can test a piece and if you like, they have bigger loaves you can buy home for your kids to enjoy together! woohoo! win-win for all.


Here is a sample menu of what they have: BAKEWORKSmenu_0815 for those who are interested in other items.





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