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This is what KitCat and Belle did. We know that Valentine’s Day is meant to be spent with your love ones alone but when you have kids, some things changes. At least for me, everything evolves around my two darling love monsters.
Instead of spending just the day with my husband alone. We decided to check out the new playground that opened right outside of City Hall SF! For those who are touring the Bay Area or just looking for a new park to visit. You should check this out!
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The location is literally right outside of City Hall building which gives you quite a view of all our historical building in one place.
Photo of City Hall - San Francisco, CA, United States
In my idea, this playground may be more appropriate for older toddlers because the structure is pretty big and design high with compartments that are super high which may be hard for babies to climb on: too dangerous. But if you are planning a Friday or Wednesday here, I think it would be a nice idea since it has a bit of everything.
You can go into City Hall and take pretty pictures. Have the kids run around the new playground. When your a bit hungry, they have different food trucks right next to the playground to grab a bite! (If you go on Wednesday’s, you can even do you grocery shopping at the farmers market).
Photo of Off the Grid: Civic Center - San Francisco, CA, United States
I say that this is not a typical park with lots of green area and secluded to nature. It’s more of a different feeling and type of hang out area I would say for “City life”.  If you guys don’t believe it, give the spot a try! At last, it’s free! So why not ??
Give the spot a visit and let me know what you think!

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