Gel Nail Looks without “Gel Nail Polish”

Hello all,

I hope you all had a great long weekend for those who get President Day off.  Sorry for not being able to write the past few days as my Kids had it off…Thus… I really can’t do nothing but entertain them. Plus, I do like to respect my time with the kiddos. They grow up too fast.

I sometimes like to do my nails myself to save $ and time being out. Since I had lots of time at home, I actually tried this new nail polish from Sally’s called “Miracle Gel” nails which really WOW me. I like the gel nail look since its more shinny and durable but I don’t like how gel nail kind of ruins your nails vs. regular nail polish. So I went for these at Walgreens since it was on sale if you buy 2 nail polish they take $2 off. You probably would need to buy 2 anyways because they have a “top coat” bottle that boosts the shine of the nails. The nail polish has 2x of the shine then a regular nail polish! It was super easy to put on but do use more time to let it dry. I felt like I needed at least 30 minutes to have the polish dry.


I’ve only recently got into this DIY nails, so I will be buying some more and giving some comparisons to what I think! Be on the outlook.


Thanks for reading!


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