Somboon Seafood (Bangkok)@FOODiNG’s

Somboon Seafood


Phraram 1 Rd | 4F Siam Square One, PattumwanBangkok 10330, Thailand

Attire: Casual

Price: $$ (Its’ probably on the pricier side for Thailand restaurants as they are in nicer mall locations and have air conditioning while you WAIT OUTSIDE AND EAT INSIDE!! )

Service: boy they are nice and tentative! (oh yea, water is consider a “charge”, they don’t serve tap water-which is kind of annoying…..)

Oh Boy! Don’t even get me started. I really heart travelling and Bangkok definitely is high on my list. This restaurant is one of the popular places that people tend to go to. They are really famous for their curry crab which is delicious with rice (trust my little girls can eat a good full bowl of rice just with the sauce).

curry crab.png

I usually get 2 orders; one non spicy for the kids and spicy for me. The original flavor of the crab sauce is super good with rice and the kickin’ spicy sauce makes you feel like your on crack wanting more every time you put the spoonful into your mouth.

Click here for a peak of their menu + location (for those who may want to put this on your check list) They have a few locations in Bangkok, so you can google and find which one is closest for you.

You know that Thailand can be quite HOT, any time of the month you go. So, it is nice to divulge a good meal in a restaurant with air conditioning!

Let’s go ahead and look at the rest of the dishes that I’ve ordered:

Appetizer: fried wrappers with mince meat, seafood paste and some chewy thing i’m guessing chestnuts? WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 12.42.41 PM.jpeg

  • Super yum when it comes out piping hot! Love biting into a crunchy crispy layer with awesome fish paste inside.
  • the paste inside is not too floury and doughy
  • you can taste that they don’t cheap skate on the ingredients
  • the sauce gives it another spice to the palate (sweet and sour) WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 12.42.41 PM (1).jpeg
  • They tell me this is a popular veggy for them, but I personally didn’t like it
  • Its very hard to chew on
  • the sauce was good perhaps if it was with some other type of vegetable
  • I wouldn’t recommend this if you are not familiar with the vegetable. Let’s just stick to the regulars for the next time
  • the vegetable seem like it was old and grumpy. When we try to chew on it, it just tasted like old gum

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 12.42.41 PM (2).jpeg

  • lots of collagen for those mama and babies good skin!
  • lots of condiments inside
  • great if you add some pepper in it
  • portion is not very big, but for a family of 4, you would get around 1 bowl each (small bowl)


That’s it for now! Do go try and let me know what was your experience. I’ll be going to this place again very soon & will update you with more delicious entrees!


Thanks for reading!




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