HOW to travel light & with kids! Packing Tips

Traveling is fun and packing is not.

DAISO helped me pack!!!! for cheap $1.50!!!! 

Since I have little kids travelling with me, I always always want to emphasize on packing as little as possible. I hate how my in laws and parents would pack SO MANY items that are really unnecessary while travelling. My husband always complain because if they packed many items, it will end up being us carrying it; even if they say that they will, unless your cold heart and won’t help the old senior citizens out. Haha, actually my husband sometimes would purposely not help so that they will understand not to bring so much the next time.

I recalled going on a trip with my mother in law for a weekend. She brought so many items, it wouldn’t fit in one bag. My husband told her that it should be no more than one bag so we can travel light. We need our hands and energy to be focused on the kids. She didn’t listen, brought a few bags and it was just a hassle trying to carry everything and watch the kids. She would always say to us, “I don’t have much items, its all packed for your kids.”  We often get annoyed of this response. In conclusion, there goes lots of toys, cloths, things we really don’t need into the suitcase. CLUTTER THAT IS. which makes it really hard to find anything when we unpack and makes packing everything up a whole lot of time wasted.


I’ve bought these amazing little organizing packets that allows you to fit everything tightly together and not feel like a mess! The method I find the most useful to maximize space is by rolling the cloths.

Reasons to fold cloths by rolling: 

  • you can easily find your cloths without have to spread out everything
  • very neat
  • space maximization

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-13 at 10.13.43 AM

I highly recommend buying a few of these and just limit 1-2 of these per person so we know how much we bring along the trip. Plus it makes finding things really much easier. You really want to save space to bring home goodies + you want your hands to be free to carry the kids and watch over them.

It’s really dangerous when you travel and let your kids run around at a location that your not familiar with. Things and accidents happen just within mere seconds and there is no “sorry” that can turn back time. I get really paranoid and would make sure my kids are next to me the whole time. They always have their hands held by my side or they would be pulling my shirt to make sure we are all connected together. It is definitely turning on my mama bear binoculars; better safe than sorry.


I know there are higher priced packing cubes out there, I really chose the cheap one from Daiso as it serves its purpose! But, if you do want to go more high class and fancy. My cousin bought ones from this website and I’ve heard great things about it. You can check them out yourself.

Packing Cubes  – This Company do good things and work with Charity. Check it out! 


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