New Lun Ting Cafe@FOODiNG’s

New Lun Ting Cafe

670 Jackson St
San Francisco, CA 94133

b/t Grant Ave & Beckett St 

Service: quick and great!

Attire: Casual

Price: $ 

Are you looking for some yummy cheap finds of filling lunch?! I love this place! I’ve stopped by this place after a long hike and decided to get their lunch special. It was a pork chop dish with gravy + Free Milk Tea + Free pot sticker + Free soup.

I love the word Free! It just makes everything taste better. It was a good start of my meal to be served hot soup + a pot sticker before my main dish came. It is not a fancy place but it does justice to your tummy.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 9.43.40 AM

The pot sticker was piping hot which is how I like them. The bottom was nice and crispy while the inside is hot with some meat and veggy! The soup is nice and warm with really soft carrots boiling.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 9.43.40 AM (1)

My main dish is this gravy porkchop rice! OH lord it was yummy. The pork chops else where is usually fried/ panfried but this one seemed like it was roasted and roasted tender. It falls apart into pieces easily and its super smooth. People with poor teeth can still eat this ahah. They also don’t shy away from putting more gravy on the dish. LOVE IT!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 9.43.41 AM (1)

The other yummy ox tail dish.

This is also one of the favorites for people who regularly dine here. So I had to give it a try, and oh my god! It is so tender and juicy! The dish was super savory and the amount was generous! Sometimes, the beef may be too hard to chew on and would not taste good, but the tendon and meat in this dish was superb! MUST TRY


You definitely don’t leave this place hungry because it is a really filling restaurant. I think it has exist for quite a long time, so there really isn’t any fancy decoration or renovation. It really is about the good food and that is about it. Come eat and go kind of style. Fast and nice. While I was eating, I felt like this was a real genuine neighborhood type of storefront since it seems like everyone knew each other. The waiters called most of the parties by its name and always asked if they needed more! It’s such a homey and happy restaurant find in Chinatown SF.

Come give it a try for yourself and let me know what you think of this place.


Thanks for reading & I’ll continue to share more of my foodie experience with you !



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