Travel Cheap with 2 kids + layovers

When you are traveling with kids, I have mentioned that it is best to travel light.  For cheap flights, you probably would encounter layovers so it is very wise to carry less items.

For my trip to Tokyo, I have a 25 hours lay over @ Beijing. Since handling 2 toddlers is already a heavy load. I definitely recommend having everything packed in one luggage. Even if you have to check in one big luggage, do it. Since a hand carry would most likely not be enough space to put your baby items.

I’ve made sure I’ve done research. Most airports where there are airlines with long layovers, they will have this paid service to have your luggage stalled at the airport for a fee so you can be cleared free while you wanderlust in the country for 25 hours. I’ve checked that Beijing airport has this service for 50 RMB per day which is definitely worth it for us. I would recommend doing that and having a backpack to just put 1 days worth of cloth and necessity while your out and about.

This will definitely make your travels easier as hauling a luggage around Asia can be very crowded and dangerous for your little ones. I like to have more clear room to push my stroller and not worry about my luggage.

Depending on which terminal you get out from, here is good link provided by the airport to guide you to the storage service area.  Check it out if you are going to be going to Beijing. I know Shanghai also have this service. If you want to find out about other airports, feel free to send me a message and I can check!

thanks for reading about my little advise!


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