Shaolin Pot@FOODiNG’s

Shaolin Pot

121 El camino Real

Millbrae CA 94030

Service: 5 star AWESOME! The waiters are super busy but they care about their customers + make sure that they are meeting your needs

Price: $$ – It really depends, Its an AYCE place, so if you eat lots, it can be a $ sign, haha

Attire: Casual

Photo of Shaolin Pot - Millbrae, CA, United States. beer marinated lamb

In the Bay Area, we have tons and tons of hot pot places that serves the typical broth + ayce meat + veggies. I’ve heard about this new place and wanted to give it a try since their gimmick is a bit different than other places. They start off your hot pot experience with a “Chicken dry pot” which is basically a Spicy Chicken pot with lots of flavors meddling in your mouth. I would highly recommend this place if you like the idea of hot pot but wanted to add a little twist to your mouth.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 10.43.49 AM.jpeg

The Chicken pot is nice and spicy with full of flavor. The portion is not really big so it is more of a appetizer  before you wait for the real course to come. Once you are done with all the chicken, the waiters will add a broth into the same pot for you to start your hot pot.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 10.43.50 AM

They have a good selection of meat and vegetables for an AYCE place

Photo of Shaolin Pot - Millbrae, CA, United States. Menu

We especially liked their fish paste things, it seems to be that it is home made at the location. It is not super doughy and you definitely can still taste the fish.


Photo of Shaolin Pot - Millbrae, CA, United States. beef

That is all the meat we were chopping on! It’s nicely and thin cut! Dip it in your self served and self picked sauce, your ready to go!


Thanks for reading!


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