Everyday 5 Min. Morning Beauty Routine

I am a working mom who needs to wake up early in the morning to drop the kids off to school and head to work. I don’t have the luxury of spending a few hours putting on make up in the morning before heading out of the house.  I would like to share how I make myself look presentable before leaving. This routine takes me a good 5 minutes and I’m ready to go.

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I test out lots of products just because I like to buy things in general. I’m a fan of cosmetic and skin care product that tends to be on the lighter side because I don’t like the icky feeling when there is too much make up on me. I usually like to have products that are easy to put on without needing too much tools as I mentioned before, I need to do this quick and leave time to prep the kids.

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This is the 2 toner that I’ve been using for this cold weather because its super moisturizing! Usually toners are just like water but this one gives you a bit of a lotion feeling but not as thick as lotion. It keeps my skin very refreshing and smells super good!


STEP 1: Takes me 1-2 minutes

When I wake up in the morning, my face feels really dry specially in the winter time. First step is always a good toner to make sure you give it a nice protection before you pat the lotion down onto your face. Recently, I chose the Crabtree & Evelyn DAMASK ROSE moisturizing protection because it is like a lotion but contains the daily SPF45 PA+++ to protect me from the sun as I tend to get freckles easily.

I don’t use any brush or nothing, I put some on my face and just smear it on.  I’m not a professional make up artist or anything; please don’t judge me.  I just do what I feel comfortable and easy.

STEP 2:  1-2 minutes

I recently traveled to Korea and found 2 products I really like to have in my bag. It is Missha’s signature B.B cream & CathyCat gel-pencil liner. I’m not looking to put on heavy make up and look full on. I just want something that will make me look brighter and more energetic.  With the BB Cream, again I dab some on my face and pat it on. Use the patting method because that way you don’t waste any of the cream being on your hand/palm instead of your face.

STEP 3: 1-2 minutes

Now you got your face covered, you just need to put on some eyeliner to give your face that pop of energy. I just do the top of my eye lid and the CathyCat gel-pencil liner really gives me a good line with just one stroke. I like how it is gel and smooth onto your skin. You can try thick lines without having to trace over layers too much.



There you go! Its simple, quick and protects your face! For those that don’t have time for the concealer, eye shadow, contour, etc. You can try what I do and see if it works for your mama routine. Leave me a comment or suggestion!  Thank you for reading.


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