Poke Supreme@FOODiNG’s

Poke Supreme

1678 N Milpitas Blvd

Milpitas, CA 95035

Attire: Casual

Price: $

Service: great! young group of college students, happy and jolly!


Do you like Japanese food? or fresh sashimi? If you do, you can try this new hip restaurant that puts japanese + sashimi in a bowl for those who need to grab a quick bite. I feel that poke bowls are a new trend that has been happening these few years where people want to eat “healthy” and on the go. For those who don’t want to hinder their palate and still be able to eat some good meals quickly, they’ve come up with the bowl. The Poke bowl.

Photo of Poke Supreme - Milpitas, CA, United States. Salmon

I tried this place out through Groupon and it didn’t fail to please. The price is good for the portion, specially with the groupon. They let you pick 3 to 4 types of fresh sashimi and unlimited sauce of your choice. You can either have the poke bowl with brown rice, white rice or organic salad.

Photo of Poke Supreme - Milpitas, CA, United States. their set up

I usually want everything on my bowl since I think the ingredients all blend well. Might cut down on the onions though, since it gives me bad breath after ahah! Don’t be shy on asking for more of a certain topping you like, they are usually pretty generous.

My kids like spam masubi, so we got 2. It is $2 each, but the spam was very thin so you may want to skip that. For the tea choice, they always have specials that are $5 for 2. We usually get it when they have the deal, otherwise you can skip that as well. It is nothing really to rave about.

Photo of Poke Supreme - Milpitas, CA, United States. Amazing flavors. Friendly staff.

KitCat is questioning why the spam is so thin with lots of rice. We prefer a bigger piece of meat and more unagi sauce!

Overall, this is a good place for a quick grab of food without long waits. We will be back. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that you can go on Tuesdays and save $2 for any bowl you pick!




517 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA 94102

b/t Octavia St & Laguna St 
Hayes Valley

Price: $$

Attire: Casual

Service: Quick!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-07 at 9.04.08 AM.jpeg

Ever looking for a good refreshing salad that is healthy + flavorful, SOUVLA is definitely the way to go. This is my go to spot for salads when i’m craving for something “healthy” and tasty. The portion is huge and they put ample amounts of meat into the salad. You will feel stuffed when you come out- in a good way.  I like to usually get the salad with pork shoulder.

Their menu is quite simple, they have 3 types of main meat that can be made to a wrap or salad.  If you come with a friend, you may want to get a wrap cut in half and a salad split in half. Don’t be shy because they are very nice with their service. They will help you split it into 2 bowls and plates.


Photo of Souvla - San Francisco, CA, United States. Frozen Greek yogurt with backlava and Frozen Greek yogurt with cherry syrup

This place is the bomb for greek salads and wraps! + frozen yogurt! (greek style)

The froyo is the best if you like sour and tart type of ice cream. I usually get the one with olive oil and sea salt! You may first think it sounds weird to have salt on sweet treats. But you will be amazed how well it will blend in with your froyo! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Photo of Souvla - San Francisco, CA, United States. Cheers to affordable rosé

They have cheap Rose with generous pouring for those who may want to grab a drink while enjoying their meal. Even though the price is cheap, it don’t mean that it tastes bad. It’s actually quite refreshing and tasty!

Photo of Souvla - San Francisco, CA, United States. Menu

Here is a picture of the menu for you to look and see what may interest your palate!

You can never be too prepared for SCHOOL REGISTRATION time!

I’m in lots of mommy support groups and clubs where school registration seems to be a hot topic. Everyone has their own side of the story and what to do or not. As a newby mom myself, it  is really hard to know when is the appropriate time to start looking at schools for the kids.  I want to take this time to share my experience with you and let you know what I’ve learn.

It may be different for your Country, but I live in California and this may apply to some of you. I’m still learning with my mamahood ways, but I’ll share to everyone what I know now.

1. Do you research of schools you may want your child to potentially attend

  • do note that private schools and public schools have different registration dates
  • private schools may have early registration dates and deadlines for “early decision” making for those who know that the school is their priority
  • private or public both take parent involvement very seriously; you are going to be a sense of community so what you put forth is what you will get out. Your essentially your daughter/son’s role model
  • TALK TO THE SCHOOL yourself. Don’t just listen to other parents because you need to feel the school yourself. Your kids are going to go there for quite a few years and you want to make sure you have a good feeling
  • trust your guts and instinct. If you don’t feel something is right even when people tell you that the school is #1. It may not be the #1 school for you
  • every public school has a “Balanced Score Card” that is to be shared to the public, it is a reporting to allow parents to know where funds are disperse and why in such ways
  • API and school ratings can give you a general idea of how the school performs to get the ball going and to give you a clue if that the school you want your child to attend. Simply plug in the name of the school on this website and see what you find. 

2. Mentally prepare your child for school  

  • before they even start, tell them about school
  • give them the good and bad so they will be prepare
  • respect their ideas
  • try to identify their interests
  • look for common grounds or aspect of the school that relates to your child

3. Do your logistics early on

There are usually the general few forms that are necessary when applying for schools. I’ve applied to several private and public. This is what I found we should have handy

  • proper identification of the parent and guardian: driver license, state license or passport
  • proper identification of the child you are registering: birth certificate, adoption form, passport
  • all clinician shots record: We use to have a record in the yellow “immunization card”, but technology made everything fancy so some hospitals have forms for you to fill out and request shot records. I personally have Kaiser for the family and it takes 3-5 business days to have forms to be filled out. So time yourself, don’t wait till the last minute to get your shot records or any forms the school may need.
  • Usually 2 valid address verification documentations: water bill, PGE electricity bill, car registration, mortgage statement, rental agreements are solid pieces to have handy. It doesn’t hurt to have them all, just in case some schools don’t accept one, you do have the backup documentations in hand so time is not wasted and you won’t have to make another trip
  • print a copy of your application form. Make 2 copies, 1 for you and 1 for the school

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-01 at 10.56.40 AM.jpeg


Other things to keep in mind about picking a school

Private schools are accessible to everyone even if you lack funds

Always ask if the schools have financial aid or scholarships, lots of parents don’t know that you can fill out a universal application online . Ask about volunteer work and other ways of accommodation. The schools know that we all just want the best for our kids, so communicate with them and see if you can work something out. Don’t let $$ be the blockage of obtaining a education path you choose for your daughter/son. The worst they can say is “no”, but at least you tried your best.

Home school

If none of the school works out, there is always the option of home schooling your child. Register yourself as a “private school” and get the right resources and guidance at your district educations office. You can look into materials online as well, there are bunch of resources that can guide you.

This is a good resource network to learn more about Home Schooling. Click Here to read more. 

Inter-district school transfer

Lots of family may or may not have heard about this one. Before I become a mother myself, I didn’t know that my child can attend schools in other school districts as long as the parent works at the district. For working parents like myself, we may have long commutes and the school hours may just not work for your schedule. You can look into the schools around your work place and apply for a “interdistrict” permit. Each school district is different, but you can definitely go to your own school district and the district that you want to attend to obtain more information. I’ve heard stories where the school districts tell you to go back and forth to get information. Do yourself a favor, take note of when, where, who, what etc. as documentation and record keeping so you can hold people accountable.  Click on this link to learn more about District Transfers. 


Interdistrict Transfer/Reciprocal Agreement

An interdistrict transfer/reciprocal agreement is when parents/guardians wish to register/admit/enroll their student(s) at a school other than the designated school that is in their attendance area outside of their district.

California Education Code sections 46600–46610 External link opens in new window or tab. permits parents/guardians to request an interdistrict transfer/reciprocal agreement. The fundamental basis for this provision is the signing of an agreement between districts. Interdistrict transfer/reciprocal agreement must be approved by both the student’s original district of residence and the district to which the student seeks to transfer to. Both districts must approve the agreement before it becomes valid. The agreement may extend for a maximum of five consecutive years and may include terms or conditions. It is within the authority of either the home district or the receiving district to revoke an interdistrict transfer/reciprocal agreement at any time for any reason the local board or district superintendent deems appropriate.

If a request for an interdistrict transfer/reciprocal agreement is denied, the student’s parents/guardians may file an appeal to the county office of education in the student’s district of residence within 30 days of receipt of the official notice of denial of the transfer.

Managing In-Law’s

I’ve came upon a good article and wanted to share and put my own perspective into this.

It’s no coincidence that popular culture focuses so heavily on in-law relationships, from the meddling mom and dad in “Everybody Loves Raymond” to the “Meet the Parents” movies. These images reflect deep-seated worries about balancing loyalty to one’s spouse with life-long bonds of attachment and obligation to parents, siblings, and other kin. This worry is not an irrational one; research also shows that in-law relations are a key determinant of marital happiness.  -The 3 Best Rule for Managing In-law Relationships 

Your loyalty is to your spouse.

Once you are married, you are entering a different entity in life. Your significant other and kids are your priority in life. I know its hard for parents to understand this point, they may say they understand and give you “space” but action speaks otherwise. I know for a fact my mother and father loves me to death and it is hard for them to “let go” of being a parent to me and I respect that. It is I and myself that needs to reflect and see how I can manage the fort. I chose to enter into a relationship and chose to start a family. Thus, my priority will be my husband and kids; I know my parents will always be there for me but I do have to set rules and limitations if I want to “grow up”. When my husband and I decided to begin a “new chapter” in life, it really hit me to learn that we both have to really care about each others feelings and be thoughtful of what actions we take. This is really important in sustaining a healthy marriage.

I’ve heard many stories from friends and family member where relationships turn sour if and when spouses have conflict each others in-laws; it is inevitable and it is not possible for your in-laws to see eye to eye with 100% agreement every time something happens, so you do need to choose sides. For myself, I vow to marriage and my loyalty to my kids and husband. Thus, I need to be on my husbands side and not let anything cause us arguments. At the end of the day, he is the one that sleeps next to me and will go down the road with me on the long run. He will grow old with me :/

I hope in writing this blog entry is to remind myself the importance of maintaining a good relationship and giving the support to my spouse without a doubt.

In couples where this allegiance did not happen, marital problems swiftly followed. In fact, some of the bitterest disputes occurred over a spouse’s failure to support his or her partner.  -The 3 Best Rule for Managing In-law Relationships 

Remind yourself why you are doing it.

Because I chose my husband I have to accept that his family and my family becomes one. Whether we like it or not, we are ALL in it together. We will all have disagreements and times that we don’t see eye to eye. We can debate, we can discuss and we can do this all day where we STILL can’t agree with each other. That is okay. We don’t have to compromise but we can and should find a middle ground to the situation. Sometimes, I feel that we need to all be reminded of how we are and how we act. How it affects others? Who are they to me?

My mother actually gave me really good advise that I wanted to share with everyone. I’ve once told her in the beginning of my relationship, “his” side of the family do this and that which I don’t like. Blah blah and so forth. My mom replied: “Put yourself into your husbands shoe, and see how he would feel? your not the one that is most stuck in the situation. you shouldn’t let him have to feel stuck in the middle. As a wife, or any woman that love the man, you should think for him and how it will make HIS LIFE EASIER.” I guess my mom was really teaching me the reality of a marriage and how I am not just a carefree single woman; we really do have to think twice sometimes of actions we take and how it will affect the people around us.

So, woman and men out in this world. We can stop for a second and think for your significant others. In your good faith in doing so, maybe they will do the same for you as well. People are not stupid, they will know when you are being good or not to them.

Eliminate politics from discussion.

According to the elders, you may not be able to avoid conflict over your in-laws’ disapproval of your marriage, your job, your lifestyle, or how you raise your children. But you can make it a rule to take noisy and unnecessary political debates off the table. (Remember, we’re not talking here about a lively, enjoyable political discussion; I mean the kind that ends with slamming doors and a spouse crying in the car.)

This aspect is very interesting to me, because this is very valid. I see politics as “issues”, topics in the family where one person don’t agree with the other. Due to culture, insensitivity, generation gap or what ever it may be. If you know we can not change the others mindset in some situation, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME nor do you have to agree. Sometimes, we have to be okay with standing by your will.

For example: Simple as “how to raise a child”, there is no one way to look at this. It is influence by your upbringing and culture. Be respectful and listen, but YOU KNOW your kids best and YOU ARE THE PARENTS to the kids. End of discussion and no discussion needed with others. YOU chose to be a parent and take ownership of that! Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and your own beliefs.

Every family may not have issues with politics but this section is really to remind ourselves the point that people don’t always see eye to eye and if we know that there is a “hot topic” that will cause argument. Simply leave the room and say bye. You don’t ever want to continue repetitively nagging on the same issue again and again when time proves you will never agree with one another. So be okay with yourself to just EXIT,  it can potentially save your marriage.

Thanks for reading!

Chengdu Taste@ FOODiNG’s

Chengdu Taste


828 W Valley Blvd

Alhambra CA 91803

Price: $$

Attire: Casual

Service: Average

This restaurant is raved by many critics for its authentic Chengdu spicy food. When we walked into the place, it is surprising to see different groups of people ordering. This is one of the closest authentic Szechuan food we can get in the States. My friend was tearing and still won’t stop indulging into the pot of spicy boiled greatness! haha. This is definitely a must for those who likes spicy or wants to take a challenge to their palate. There were numerous dishes to try at this spot but i’ll introduce to you a few that was my personal favorite.

Its cold, so I like soup. I ordered this pork feet soup pot which is full of richness and natural collagen that is good for the ladies!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-27 at 10.45.25 AM (1).jpeg

  • we indulged every bit of the soup
  • the pork and skin is very soft and meat breaks off easily
  • you can taste the thick creamy soup being super rich of collagen
  • the onion gives the soup a very good aroma

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-27 at 10.45.25 AM.jpeg

This was a pot of green chili numbing skewers!

  • you can not drink the broth because it will numb you! but that’s one of the reason why people like to order this dish
  • lots of little pieces to eat from
  • the veggies are definitely soaked with spiciness!
  • they have chicken tendon inside that gives the dish a good crunch
  • a fun dish to start off your spicy challenge

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-27 at 10.45.23 AM.jpeg

This is another bowl of pure spice in your mouth! They call it “Great Blood Bowl”

  • the spam is soaked with spicy sauce and tastes good
  • may be a bit on the oily side, so do note that you may be going to the restroom quite often for the next day coming
  • pork blood is very tender and not hard to chew
  • the intestines are very clean (as some place don’t clean it well, will have a smell to it); i’m not a great fan of intestines so I didn’t enjoy it much. But my husband loved it
  • this is a dish that you must eat with rice! trust me!!! Rice + spicy food is a great combo!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-27 at 10.45.24 AM (1)

The garlic pork belly

  • This dish is not that spicy, the pepper just gives it a nice aroma
  • the garlic is abundant in this dish! so do prepare to stink haha! if you don’t mind that, you will love this dish
  • its a cold dish
  • portion size for this dish is pretty small, so you can probably get this as an appetizer
  • the pork belly is really thin which makes it easy to chew! it was soft and tender! yummm in my mouth

Photo of Chengdu Taste - Alhambra, CA, United States

The mung bean noodle (note I forgot to take a picture of this dish so I got it from another reviewer)

  • the noodle taste like “glass noodles”
  • the noodle actually has taste to it; sometimes, some places make it very bland and the noodles will have no taste or they would just overpower the dish with pepper
  • the dish is cold
  • the nuts and onions on top is an absolute must! it makes the dish so much better


That is it for now! Thanks for reading. Please like my page and follow if you like what I share. I’ll continue to explore and introduce to you findings of great FOODiNG’s recommendation!!!! http://www.KitCatB.com

Bridge to Nowhere


Bridge to Nowhere is a great experience that I’ve had with a couple of good friends. I’ve never done much hiking, so this was definitely intense to me. My friends wanted to do Bungee Jumping and I decided to tag along to hike and have some nature fun.

We signed up for the bungee jumping experience with Bungee America.   The trip starts  at 7:30am where you meet at a parking lot to sign in, get to know your tour guide and get going to your 5 miles hike. They explain to us that we will go through hills, trails, rocks, sand and river water which is not easy I have to say but with  determination you should be able to survive.  It was a very chilly day so we walked fast and took about 2 hours to get up to the bridge; do note that it will take you 2 hours to come down. This is definitely an all day activity as we were all super sore and tired from the outing!

Once you get up to the Bridge, you will be introduced to the safety and scenery of Bungee Jumping.

Image result for bridge to nowhere los angeles


This video basically sums up my whole experience. If you have no experience with Video making (like me), you can give them video editor tool a try.


Here is my sample try of making a video with the technology and user friendly applications I found online. I went to do a trial to see if its easy for me to just put all the pieces in and have them create something for me. To my surprise, it was easy and fun to see the final product!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-26 at 2.18.12 PM (3)


Tell me what you guys think! If you have been there before, let me know your experience! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as well. Thanks for reading!

Cafe Bora@FOODiNG’s

Cafe Bora


450 S Western Ave
Fl 3
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Koreatown, Wilshire Center

Price: $$

Attire: Casual

Service: Alright, not much to rave about. You go to the counter to order and self seat

Are you looking for a good hang out place? Or you like to try some healthy dessert? I would recommend coming to Cafe Bora. It’s located in a Korean Mall with lots of Korean food and a huge Korean Supermarket for you to browse around.  I usually go get groceries downstairs at the Supermarket, shop around for Korean Branded Cosmetics and hop on to the top floor where Cafe Bora allows me to sit and rest after a day of hustle!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-26 at 9.54.02 AM (1)

Purple Latte: Hot/Cold

  • Very thick
  • foamy
  • lukewarm, I would prefer it to be hot
  • not overly sweet

Soft Serve:

  • not overly sweet
  • very creamy

Shaved Ice:

  • The ice is with cream +milk flavor, so it is already very sweet itself; it is not just regular shaved ice with no flavor
  • Good sauce on the side
  • It comes with complimentary purple chips!
  • They put some nuts/oatmeal thing on top which makes it crunchy!

It is not a cheap sweet spot since the price is pretty high for a small portion. But, I still recommend this place since it is very nice to sit inside and you can see they do put their heart into decorating the place into a purple themed parlor!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-26 at 9.54.01 AM

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-26 at 9.54.02 AM

Bon a petit!


Until next time.

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Kang Kang Food Court@FOODiNG’s

Kang Kang Food Court


104 N Garfield Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Price: $

Attire: Casual (Good breakfast food or lunch)

Service: Average: Its a fast pace restaurant where you order in the counter and find a space to sit by yourself.


My favorite Shanghai Pan Fried Bao!!!!!!

Photo of Kang Kang Food Court - Monterey Park, CA, United States. Amazing Shanghai Pork Buns, $7.95 with tax!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I wanted to share with you this place for good breakfast suggestions or lunch can do as well.

Kang Kang is known for their fried buns due to its crispy skin on the bottom and juicy soup that comes out once you take your 1st bite. The meat is super tender and yum. It’s really a must try when you come.

Photo of Kang Kang Food Court - Monterey Park, CA, United States. XLB is so good here, one already gone before my quick photo snap...

This is the “Xiao Long Bao” that you can order. It has lots of soup inside which is good but I would say that the outer dough can be thinner. Overall, this is an average dish, not my favorite…had better elsewhere.

Photo of Kang Kang Food Court - Monterey Park, CA, United States

while you go up to the counter, you can see all these precooked entrees to choose from. Don’t shy away from it and do try them because it is super flavorful! The servers are generally pretty nice to let you try something if you want (just don’t do it when there are lots of people in line since they can get busy). I would recommend coming with friend and family since they do serve big portions and you may want to try a variety of dishes.

Photo of Kang Kang Food Court - Alhambra, CA, United States

  • note this is one serving with free porridge or rice of your choice
  • the platter is filled to the point that the lid can not close! haha
  • super savory flavor but not too salty
  • dishes are not too dry

Photo of Kang Kang Food Court - Alhambra, CA, United States

This is one of my favorite bowl of Taiwanese noodle soup they call it “Mein xian” in Chinese.

  • Its like a soup with lots of condiments inside
  • add pepper for a kick of taste
  • little oysters are in this dish
  • the noodle is minimal and its very soft so it would be easy for kids to eat; not hard to chew at all
  • I personally like to put some vinegar inside which makes the soup become another amazing taste. Try it yourself!


The interior is nothing to rave about but if you don’t mind the local feeling of the restaurant with just simple chairs and tables…you need to give this place a try. Whenever I am down at South California (SoCal), its like a must go. Since I usually drive to SoCal and arrive early in the day, this is a good place to go since it opens at 6am. Most restaurants opens much later.


Tips on sustaining a healthy marriage

I have always had high standards of how I want to be a mother and wife. This blog piece is more so of me just venting.  I know that I have a strong character and have my own mind of conception. When you have specific goals and expectations for your family, its not always plausible to complete by yourself. When I was working through my career, my education, myself, everything was fine; I was always in control and have control over myself.

Being a mother and wife is a completely different role I take on now a days! I sometimes find myself so lost and not knowing what to do. I think i’m stressed emotionally with the atmosphere that I live in. Some may see me and think that I’ve raised the happiest family and that I’ve got it under control. But in reality, I feel like I’m broken into pieces with no support.

I’m not sure if it is just me, or do other woman sometimes feel the same way. My husband and the father to my kids sometimes is just “physically” here in our lives but not fully engaged in our lives. I did a random search on “How to be a good husband” and actually read everything to me which makes sense. But without a doubt, I know if I suggest my husband to read something like this… would just end up with him telling me, “please don’t believe in that bullshit. I don’t trust in that kind of shit” – those are exact words he told me once before when I’ve shared an article with him. When times like that come for your family, what do you do to cope? Is there any other methods out in the world that may save or help my marriage? or help my marriage be on a better state?

I’m not any expert with marriage, but I guess the reason why I’m writing this piece is to remind people out there that communication is really important. For those that still is willing to work on their relationship, here are some suggestions:

  • you need to really listen to each other: Don’t just say it but really mean it. When your partner has something to tell you, give your 100% attention. It’s okay for you to unplug from everything in the world and give that 15 mins, 1 hour, or what ever the time is to the one you love.
  •  if trust is broken and you really do want to rectify the situation, do give it your heart and not just do it to “keep” the relationship. I feel that once trust is broken, it is really hard to come to a common ground. But, if you still have feelings for each other, you can talk it out. It really can’t be a one way channel though, as my husband and I. IF a man can’t even express his feelings to you and have to go to others for pleasure and expressing… it is probably really time for you to step back and see if you guys should be together.
  • Being truly thankful and take action when you feel appropriate. Instead of having others tell you do to something for your partner, do something because you want to. Do it because you feel happy and good about it.


These things may sound so easily done but sometimes it is really easier said than done. I hope after you read this, you feel WOW, I miss my wife/husband, I should really appreciate her/him more! Now, go out get some flowers before you go home or whip up a nice meal.  Just small things in life will build strength and growth to your family.

Thanks for reading!

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