Simply Cafe SF@FOODiNG’s


340 Grove St
San Francisco, CA 94102

b/t Franklin St & Gough St 
Hayes Valley

Price: $$

Attire: Casual

Service: Good

I saw this place got remodel and it used to be called “Sage Cafe”. The decor looks like it has been polished with new paint and some cute tables. I’m sad to say that this place didn’t live up to the hype that I expected. I wished I could give this place a higher recommendation but sadly the food was a bit disappointing.

Here is what I ordered

the “spicy shrimp sauce” noodle

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-20 at 1.27.04 PM.jpeg

  • The broth was just salty
  • The spicy sauce shrimp wasn’t really that spicy
  • The noodle was just hard
  • Broth came out lukewarm; kind of wanted it to be a good piping hot bowl of noodle soup
  • On the good side, the shrimp was pretty good
  • This bowl cost $15 + tax + tips = around $20 USD, so I would want it to taste a little better
  • I can still feel the salty msg in my mouth as I’m writing this review 😦


Even though the noodle really didn’t make it for me, I did see some people enjoying coffee and toast which looks way more astounding than the Chinese menu. Maybe I can go there again just for the tea + pastry menu and let you guys know if it is better.

I did have to say their decor is really cute and I like how it is more of a hang out place for coffee with friends to catch up on life or what not.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-20 at 1.27.07 PM.jpeg

I know overall food around SF Hayes Valley is generally pricey but for a bowl of $20 noodle, I would at least make sure it taste well!

If your here just for the coffee and toast, then you should be fine (i’m guessing by just looking at the people next to me eating, I’ll try myself and let you know again)

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-20 at 1.27.06 PM

It is a bye bye until next time……….


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Somboon Seafood (Bangkok)@FOODiNG’s

Somboon Seafood


Phraram 1 Rd | 4F Siam Square One, PattumwanBangkok 10330, Thailand

Attire: Casual

Price: $$ (Its’ probably on the pricier side for Thailand restaurants as they are in nicer mall locations and have air conditioning while you WAIT OUTSIDE AND EAT INSIDE!! )

Service: boy they are nice and tentative! (oh yea, water is consider a “charge”, they don’t serve tap water-which is kind of annoying…..)

Oh Boy! Don’t even get me started. I really heart travelling and Bangkok definitely is high on my list. This restaurant is one of the popular places that people tend to go to. They are really famous for their curry crab which is delicious with rice (trust my little girls can eat a good full bowl of rice just with the sauce).

curry crab.png

I usually get 2 orders; one non spicy for the kids and spicy for me. The original flavor of the crab sauce is super good with rice and the kickin’ spicy sauce makes you feel like your on crack wanting more every time you put the spoonful into your mouth.

Click here for a peak of their menu + location (for those who may want to put this on your check list) They have a few locations in Bangkok, so you can google and find which one is closest for you.

You know that Thailand can be quite HOT, any time of the month you go. So, it is nice to divulge a good meal in a restaurant with air conditioning!

Let’s go ahead and look at the rest of the dishes that I’ve ordered:

Appetizer: fried wrappers with mince meat, seafood paste and some chewy thing i’m guessing chestnuts? WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 12.42.41 PM.jpeg

  • Super yum when it comes out piping hot! Love biting into a crunchy crispy layer with awesome fish paste inside.
  • the paste inside is not too floury and doughy
  • you can taste that they don’t cheap skate on the ingredients
  • the sauce gives it another spice to the palate (sweet and sour) WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 12.42.41 PM (1).jpeg
  • They tell me this is a popular veggy for them, but I personally didn’t like it
  • Its very hard to chew on
  • the sauce was good perhaps if it was with some other type of vegetable
  • I wouldn’t recommend this if you are not familiar with the vegetable. Let’s just stick to the regulars for the next time
  • the vegetable seem like it was old and grumpy. When we try to chew on it, it just tasted like old gum

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 12.42.41 PM (2).jpeg

  • lots of collagen for those mama and babies good skin!
  • lots of condiments inside
  • great if you add some pepper in it
  • portion is not very big, but for a family of 4, you would get around 1 bowl each (small bowl)


That’s it for now! Do go try and let me know what was your experience. I’ll be going to this place again very soon & will update you with more delicious entrees!


Thanks for reading!



Gel Nail Looks without “Gel Nail Polish”

Hello all,

I hope you all had a great long weekend for those who get President Day off.  Sorry for not being able to write the past few days as my Kids had it off…Thus… I really can’t do nothing but entertain them. Plus, I do like to respect my time with the kiddos. They grow up too fast.

I sometimes like to do my nails myself to save $ and time being out. Since I had lots of time at home, I actually tried this new nail polish from Sally’s called “Miracle Gel” nails which really WOW me. I like the gel nail look since its more shinny and durable but I don’t like how gel nail kind of ruins your nails vs. regular nail polish. So I went for these at Walgreens since it was on sale if you buy 2 nail polish they take $2 off. You probably would need to buy 2 anyways because they have a “top coat” bottle that boosts the shine of the nails. The nail polish has 2x of the shine then a regular nail polish! It was super easy to put on but do use more time to let it dry. I felt like I needed at least 30 minutes to have the polish dry.


I’ve only recently got into this DIY nails, so I will be buying some more and giving some comparisons to what I think! Be on the outlook.


Thanks for reading!


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.07.34 AM (1)
This is what KitCat and Belle did. We know that Valentine’s Day is meant to be spent with your love ones alone but when you have kids, some things changes. At least for me, everything evolves around my two darling love monsters.
Instead of spending just the day with my husband alone. We decided to check out the new playground that opened right outside of City Hall SF! For those who are touring the Bay Area or just looking for a new park to visit. You should check this out!
WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.07.51 AM (2)
WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.07.27 AM
The location is literally right outside of City Hall building which gives you quite a view of all our historical building in one place.
Photo of City Hall - San Francisco, CA, United States
In my idea, this playground may be more appropriate for older toddlers because the structure is pretty big and design high with compartments that are super high which may be hard for babies to climb on: too dangerous. But if you are planning a Friday or Wednesday here, I think it would be a nice idea since it has a bit of everything.
You can go into City Hall and take pretty pictures. Have the kids run around the new playground. When your a bit hungry, they have different food trucks right next to the playground to grab a bite! (If you go on Wednesday’s, you can even do you grocery shopping at the farmers market).
Photo of Off the Grid: Civic Center - San Francisco, CA, United States
I say that this is not a typical park with lots of green area and secluded to nature. It’s more of a different feeling and type of hang out area I would say for “City life”.  If you guys don’t believe it, give the spot a try! At last, it’s free! So why not ??
Give the spot a visit and let me know what you think!

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We tend to buy way much more things than we need. KitCat & Belle decided to share pre-loved pieces and brand new items in hope of helping them find a new home and make good use by those who may wear them!

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Check out our pieces and direct message me for pricing + questions!

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Do you write for Followers or Do you write just because?

Being true to yourself and being genuine is powerful in all ways.

I am by no means an expert in the blogging world but I just want to share my thoughts and what I think about this whole blogging situation (For me personally)

I’ve recently decided to blog because:

  • I see lots of people blogging
  • some people are making money and some people aren’t
  • blogging is soothing
  • blogging and hope that someone will read it
  • blogging and hope that someone can relate to you

What I found in the short time that I’ve blog: 

  • Yes, I see lots of people blogging
  • Yes, I see some people making money and some people aren’t
  • Yes, blogging is soothing to me
  • Yes, blogging and someone really do read it
  • Yes, blogging and someone really can relate to me! giving me validation
  • finding a great community of supportive bloggers
  • finding somewhere I feel like I belong
  • finding something that I’m actually happy and looking forward to do!

Ever since I blog, I was afraid of being judge. Judging that my writing is not good enough or being judged that this isn’t right for me. I come to realize that the inner fear and negatively really is I, myself. I have a boss at work, I have people looking at what I do. I have co workers who may be friends or may be people that just isn’t compatible with me.

BLOGGING SPACE IS MY SPACE. I really do what I like, yes some people may like my page and some people may not. That shouldn’t make you feel less than others or make you feel negative. I learn that blogging is just another space for one to make use of their time, or to find happiness.

I’m writing this just to remind everyone that is starting out to blog like myself or people who have been blogging for a long time that this is what you chose to do for yourself. Whether you posting daily, monthly, weekly, or when ever out of the blue. It is all up to you. Don’t blog to please anyone but more so blog because you like to and the followers will come and the likes will be liked by people who appreciate what you are sharing.

I’m going to be genuine as possible and even if there isn’t 1 view for my blog. I’m still happy because I’ve vent or shared everything out to “cloud” space! No one can limit what I write and no one can restrain what I post. You are your own boss. so HEY!!! 🙂 do as you like and followers will come. Thank you to my blogging community, It gives me some more boost of happiness!

Share with me why your are blogging. I would love to hear from other bloggers story of why, what, when, where and how you started to blog. I’ll definitely check out your page and let you know if something interest me. I love to build my blogging friends and have someone to talk to!

xoxo-Mama Ng 

p.s. now I need to go back to my mama duty. Currently time to bring my girls to shower since they just came back from school and made a big mess with playdoh =_=

Old Town Ramen@ FOODiNG ‘s


Location: 112 S B St

San Mateo CA 94401

Price: $

Attire: Casual

Service: It is a very fast pace restaurant, people are nice but because of how much people eating during the lunch and dinner time, you may need to wave at them a few times to get your water or tea. So don’t expect great service, its a meh~ you’ll have to compromise through their portion size which is definitely much larger compared to other Japanese sushi places.

This place is known for their large portions of sushi rolls and Japanese dishes. I know that this is the same owner as Old Town Sushi which is a couple stores down from Old Town Ramen.

The reason Why I chose to come to this place instead of Old Town Sushi is because of these few facts:

  • It is newer than Old Town Sushi, thus the store inside is cleaner
  • The seating is much more comfortable if you have kids
  • If you have large parties, they have these cute Japanese booths where it gives you some privacy or if you want the kids to not bother others haha!
  • The wait time to get a seat is much better than Old Town Sushi
  • The menu is exactly the same as Old Town Sushi plus an extra Ramen menu
  • Portions are still very big for the price they charge
  • This place isn’t the authentic Japanese style restaurant. It’s more tailored to Westerns I feel, since they have lots of Sushi rolls and creations that authentic Japanese restaurants may not have
  • Nice bento boxes for those who want quick lunches!

This is what I ordered

Chirashi Deluxe

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 10.14.06 AM.jpeg
  • Its basically a bunch of sashimi with rice on the bottom
  • portion is huge; more than enough for 2 people
  • The fish isn’t the best I had, but the price is good…so don’t expect 100$ taste when you only pay $10
  • Rice was not too cold nor hot

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 10.16.59 AM.jpeg

you can see that I had to take all that sashimi out to even find the rice on the bottom
Next item
Chicken teriyaki Entree 
WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 10.17.00 AM (2)
  • HUGE portion again
  • chicken not too dry, its pretty tender
  • portion was enough for the 4 of us (even though its one entree)
  • not too overly sweet with the teriyaki sauce

Sushi Role:

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 10.17.00 AM.jpeg

  • If you like creative sushi rolls, they have a lot to choose from
  • the hint of spicy mayo on top makes it yumm
  • lots of imitation crab meat inside


Overall, this place is good if your not looking for a picky fancy Japanese restaurant. This would lean more towards Western Japanese food. I didn’t try their Ramen just yet, but will be coming back to review! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Please follow and like my page!


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Honesty -The importance to Kids


This topic sounds like its something given, something everyone knows. But, it is really surprising to me when I speak to my friends and family how “Honesty” plays different roles at home. We always vouch that people should be honest with each other and honest to yourself but we see adults lying to kids (I’m not saying all parents do, but sometimes parents do lie).

My true story: 

Kids tend to lie because they are afraid something bad will happen or they will be punished for “bad” actions. For instance, my daughters Crystabelle and Catherine was playing in the tub and spilled water all over the floor. What is their first reaction?  What  are they thinking in their little mind? REALLY depends on the adult. When I first became a mom, I would yell and scream, punish them at the “thinking chair” to let them know that it is not okay. This method worked for to stop them for a while and have them “behave”. But what I found out is that, they start to be very scared and careful to tell me what they do. Kids will always be kids, so they are going to get themselves into trouble; we can’t avoid or stop them from doing things. They are exploring!

So rewind back, if I had a chance to go back in time. I would instead let them know, “It is alright and thank you for being HONEST with mommy. Things happen and I see it is not good for such and such reason……xxx……….but I really appreciate you being honest to me and we will take care of it.”

Ever since I let them know that it is alright when things happen to come tell me the truth, they became much happier kids and were able to communicate with me. In matter a fact, they think twice before they do something or they would ask me what I think if they did A and B. Being honest is very important because that will accompany them throughout their lives.

The next time something happens, take a little time to step back and think about what you want to tell your kids. Instead of yelling, how can you make this situation into a learning lesson? How can we effectively communicate with our kids?

I would suggest some books you can read to tell during story time so they can be interested in reading (Click here for books related to Honesty) and it would also be a good chance to hint to them about honesty; so they don’t feel as if you are targeting them every time. We don’t really need to be sitting down the kids and lecturing them every time we want to teach them something. We can have role play, story time, park time, etc. to learn and open their horizon! Learning should be fun and happy!

Caffe Bene@ FOODiNG’s


181 E Tasman Dr
Ste 80
San Jose, CA 95134   (North San Jose)

Note they have a parking structure for customers which makes it convenient for those who drive. It’s at the back of the store front. 

Price: $

Attire: Casual

Service: Staff at the location are very nice, I’ve asked for recommendations and they gave me time to think. They didn’t rush me to order and served items quickly.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-12 at 1.15.12 PM.jpeg

Happy Monday everyone!

Monday is the beginning of the week and we need to start working again. I want to introduce to you all a little Korean cafe that’s a nice area with free wifi for those who need to get out of the house to do some work or to just chill at a relaxing environment to recoup and think what is your next few tasks for the rest of the week.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-12 at 12.49.15 PM.jpeg

To start of the week, I got something sweet so I feel happy and sweet for the rest of the week. I got the caramel cinnamon Honey Bread with Lavender Vanilla Latte. You can opt for their selection of cake which looks absolutely delicious or grab a savory sandwich.

Drink: Lavender Vanilla Latte

  • Not too sweet compare to other places that make this drink
  • It still contains that coffee taste which is awesome because I don’t like how some place just sugar coat it with syrup and minimum coffee
  • Cute cup with captions; they don’t serve it in a typical cup or bowl like other places. They have their custom cups which is pretty nice. Mine said, “Wake Up! you may be dreaming while you’re asleep, but that dream might come true when you’re awake.”WhatsApp Image 2018-02-12 at 12.49.32 PM (3)WhatsApp Image 2018-02-12 at 1.16.22 PM.jpeg

Main dish: Caramel Cinnamon Honey Bread 

  • Not too overly sweet
  • Toast comes out warm
  • Toast is thick, soft inside and crunchy outside
  • It’s simple and not overly crowed with flavorsWhatsApp Image 2018-02-12 at 12.49.32 PM (1)
  • look at the thickness of the toast + it is still soft and warm inside WhatsApp Image 2018-02-12 at 12.53.06 PM.jpeg

Overall, this is a good location to sit and relax. With free wifi, you can browse around or get some work done. The decor of the cafe is very settle and warm which makes it a soothing place to sit. Plus, they have charging outlets which is always good for those who plan to sit for a while! haha.

I can’t wait to come back and try their savory selections and variety of cakes. I’ll be back for more and will be updating you all.

Let me know what type of food you like to eat, what type of restaurants you want me to try and review. I’ll love to hear from you guys and thank you for reading my post. I’ll continue to explore more places and let you know what I think.  If you tried this place before, let me know what was your experience! Please like and follow my page! I really appreciate your support.

xoxo- Mama Ng

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WhatsApp Image 2018-02-12 at 1.18.14 PM.jpeg


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