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Salt & Straw

586 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA 94102

b/t Octavia St & Laguna St 
Hayes Valley

Attire: Casual

Price: $$ for ice cream

Service: Friendly and lots of sampling!

Photo of Salt & Straw - San Francisco, CA, United States. Salt & Straw:  In Hayes Valley, San Francisco. Outside view.

Who don’t like sweets and extravagant flavors?! I love how they have seasonal flavors and condiments. I chose the Honey Lavender today, if you do like Lavender items this will please you. The aroma is awesome. Once you walk into the store, you can smell the sweetness of the waffle cones in the making! You need to come and give this new place a try. It’s fairly new in Hayes Valley, but I know there are a few more other stores around the bay area + Seattle.

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The ice cream is definitely on the sweeter side.

You can do a bunch of tastings before you decide on your favorite. If you really just love a few, they have the tasting flight which they allow you to pick about 3 flavors to indulge. I would recommend the tasting if you have a group of people, with your kids or just because you love ice cream.

The service may be a bit on the slower side because people do ask for samples, so there may be those few who tastes many flavors. If you don’t have much time, they have the prepacked pints in the fridge for you to take on the go.

Photo of Salt & Straw - San Francisco, CA, United States. December 2017 Holiday Flavor Pints


Milkcow for Dessert @FoodiNg’s


Location:  5657 Auto Mall Pkwy
Fremont, CA 94538

b/t Boscell Rd & Christy St

Price: $

We love sweets, who don’t?

When we go out with kids, we are always in for a treat. We always search for bargains and new places to go. Groupon is a site that we often look first before deciding where to go, since we like to explore and it is definitely important to us to get the best prices out there. You can download the app and scroll around to find local deals around you, if you haven’t sign up, please be sure to do so. Click on my Groupon link to get $10 for your first time purchase and 25% off for first time sign up! Since there was a Groupon for Soft Serve Ice Cream, we decided to give it a try. WhatsApp Image 2018-02-05 at 11.44.02 AM

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Milkcow is suppose to be known for their creamy and milky soft serve ice cream. This is a popular sweets  that was brought from Korea.  With the Groupon voucher, you get $20 worth of soft serve for the price of $12; which comes out to be roughly 4 cups of LARGE size serving. Since you get 4 voucher, we decided to only use two since the LARGE size serving is plentiful for the kids and adult to devour together.

I personally find the original flavor with the real honey comb to be most tasty as it is quite sweet already and I didn’t want any other condiments to cover the milkiness of the soft serve. But, the kids of course like the ones with the cotton candy. I would recommend the M12 “Santorini” as it contains pistachio nuts, oreo crumbs and some kind of sauce (which I thought was actually too sugary for the kids, so I would actually omit that) + cotton candy.

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She is looking at the cotton candy questioning how fast can I eat this without sister coming to start eating! 

KitCat is really trying to devour this thing without Belle arriving and interrupting her sweet moment

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My taste tester approved of this place as you can see. But it is definitely too much for one kid to indulge so I would recommend sharing. We didn’t get the regular size because it was only 50 cents more to get a larger size that is shareable. 

Now Belle is back from wandering around, she is starting her fair share of sweets moment. 

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