Expectation for Entering Kindergarten

Hi everyone,

I’ve been applying to Kindergarten for my oldest daughter as she will soon be entering. I’m new to schools and have found it quite confusing at times. I wanted to share with you what most schools have told me to prep for my child. Hopefully this will help yours to be on track or use it as a guidance

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NOTE THIS IS THINGS YOUR CHILD SHOULD KNOW BEFORE THEY ENTER INTO A CLASSROOM- or you can simply start working on these aspects.

  • Count from 1-20
  • Write numbers 1-20
  • Read & write all Alphabet
  • Know how to sound out short words
  • Know how to sound out the Alphabet
  • Memorize home address
  • memorize phone number (parents number or an emergency contact number)
  • Trace and color pictures
  • write own name
  • addition + subtraction with numbers 1 to 10
  • know her birthday
  • listen to story without interruption
  • tidy up after himself/herself
  • recognize Shapes and Sizes

This is the information I’ve received. They are going to have an assessment before they enter into class. This is to make sure that the kids are broken down into classes for their proper level. I thought this was only something private schools do, but I guess wrong since my child is going to be attending public school and do need to take an entry assessment.

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I’ve search for some good sites to help prep your child. Feel free to use these as references.

Kindergarten worksheets for tracing 

Beginning sounds worksheets

vowels worksheets 

Shapes & colors 

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