illy Caffè@FOODiNG’s

illy Caffe

220 Montgomery St, SF CA 94104

b/t Bush St & Pine St, Financial District


Service: great, self serve

attire: Casual

Price: $

Don’t we all love caffeine? If not, that is fine we have lots of non caffeine selection and pastries to please you. I’ve stumble upon this little gem on my way to hiking. They have regular good espressos and coffee. But if you are looking for some variety, they have lavender latte, honey rose latte, almond latte to name a few. The aroma and ambiance is just so soothing with their music on. I can sit there all day with my laptop and sip on my coffee with a bite of pastry.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 10.20.25 AM (7)

I think their espresso is super strong and good. It is all over europe. When I lived in London and Norway, Illy was everywhere and I hide out in those shops for hours to get my homework done + calm myself.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 10.20.25 AM (3)

I love how their coffee is in tin cans so it would stay fresh and seal the coffee in better than the paper bags. I always take some home with me for my morning coffee run.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 10.20.25 AM

you can see they have a wide selection of pastry and good. Don’t be shy on trying some. The servers are really nice here. You can have them toast up or warm something for you if you like it warm. There are many sweet treats and savory bites. So it really do satisfy everyone. You can really be here for the whole day eating a pastry in the morning and having a sandwich for lunch! haha

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 10.20.25 AM (1)

They have super clean and nice decor here. I love their little espresso cups and I find these super cute as they have drawing and art pieces from famous people and country. It is literally all over their shop! you can always pick one up. I use to collect these at home. I would buy one from each country I visit where I see illy!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 10.20.25 AM (5)

ha! Just in case you don’t see. They have the big one right in front of the store and inside way in the back for picture posing!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 10.20.25 AM (6) of course I got a shot of myself with these!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 10.20.25 AM (4)

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Salt & Straw@FOODiNG’s

Salt & Straw

586 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA 94102

b/t Octavia St & Laguna St 
Hayes Valley

Attire: Casual

Price: $$ for ice cream

Service: Friendly and lots of sampling!

Photo of Salt & Straw - San Francisco, CA, United States. Salt & Straw:  In Hayes Valley, San Francisco. Outside view.

Who don’t like sweets and extravagant flavors?! I love how they have seasonal flavors and condiments. I chose the Honey Lavender today, if you do like Lavender items this will please you. The aroma is awesome. Once you walk into the store, you can smell the sweetness of the waffle cones in the making! You need to come and give this new place a try. It’s fairly new in Hayes Valley, but I know there are a few more other stores around the bay area + Seattle.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-08 at 12.59.42 PM (1).jpeg

The ice cream is definitely on the sweeter side.

You can do a bunch of tastings before you decide on your favorite. If you really just love a few, they have the tasting flight which they allow you to pick about 3 flavors to indulge. I would recommend the tasting if you have a group of people, with your kids or just because you love ice cream.

The service may be a bit on the slower side because people do ask for samples, so there may be those few who tastes many flavors. If you don’t have much time, they have the prepacked pints in the fridge for you to take on the go.

Photo of Salt & Straw - San Francisco, CA, United States. December 2017 Holiday Flavor Pints



517 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA 94102

b/t Octavia St & Laguna St 
Hayes Valley

Price: $$

Attire: Casual

Service: Quick!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-07 at 9.04.08 AM.jpeg

Ever looking for a good refreshing salad that is healthy + flavorful, SOUVLA is definitely the way to go. This is my go to spot for salads when i’m craving for something “healthy” and tasty. The portion is huge and they put ample amounts of meat into the salad. You will feel stuffed when you come out- in a good way.  I like to usually get the salad with pork shoulder.

Their menu is quite simple, they have 3 types of main meat that can be made to a wrap or salad.  If you come with a friend, you may want to get a wrap cut in half and a salad split in half. Don’t be shy because they are very nice with their service. They will help you split it into 2 bowls and plates.


Photo of Souvla - San Francisco, CA, United States. Frozen Greek yogurt with backlava and Frozen Greek yogurt with cherry syrup

This place is the bomb for greek salads and wraps! + frozen yogurt! (greek style)

The froyo is the best if you like sour and tart type of ice cream. I usually get the one with olive oil and sea salt! You may first think it sounds weird to have salt on sweet treats. But you will be amazed how well it will blend in with your froyo! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Photo of Souvla - San Francisco, CA, United States. Cheers to affordable rosé

They have cheap Rose with generous pouring for those who may want to grab a drink while enjoying their meal. Even though the price is cheap, it don’t mean that it tastes bad. It’s actually quite refreshing and tasty!

Photo of Souvla - San Francisco, CA, United States. Menu

Here is a picture of the menu for you to look and see what may interest your palate!

Chengdu Taste@ FOODiNG’s

Chengdu Taste


828 W Valley Blvd

Alhambra CA 91803

Price: $$

Attire: Casual

Service: Average

This restaurant is raved by many critics for its authentic Chengdu spicy food. When we walked into the place, it is surprising to see different groups of people ordering. This is one of the closest authentic Szechuan food we can get in the States. My friend was tearing and still won’t stop indulging into the pot of spicy boiled greatness! haha. This is definitely a must for those who likes spicy or wants to take a challenge to their palate. There were numerous dishes to try at this spot but i’ll introduce to you a few that was my personal favorite.

Its cold, so I like soup. I ordered this pork feet soup pot which is full of richness and natural collagen that is good for the ladies!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-27 at 10.45.25 AM (1).jpeg

  • we indulged every bit of the soup
  • the pork and skin is very soft and meat breaks off easily
  • you can taste the thick creamy soup being super rich of collagen
  • the onion gives the soup a very good aroma

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-27 at 10.45.25 AM.jpeg

This was a pot of green chili numbing skewers!

  • you can not drink the broth because it will numb you! but that’s one of the reason why people like to order this dish
  • lots of little pieces to eat from
  • the veggies are definitely soaked with spiciness!
  • they have chicken tendon inside that gives the dish a good crunch
  • a fun dish to start off your spicy challenge

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-27 at 10.45.23 AM.jpeg

This is another bowl of pure spice in your mouth! They call it “Great Blood Bowl”

  • the spam is soaked with spicy sauce and tastes good
  • may be a bit on the oily side, so do note that you may be going to the restroom quite often for the next day coming
  • pork blood is very tender and not hard to chew
  • the intestines are very clean (as some place don’t clean it well, will have a smell to it); i’m not a great fan of intestines so I didn’t enjoy it much. But my husband loved it
  • this is a dish that you must eat with rice! trust me!!! Rice + spicy food is a great combo!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-27 at 10.45.24 AM (1)

The garlic pork belly

  • This dish is not that spicy, the pepper just gives it a nice aroma
  • the garlic is abundant in this dish! so do prepare to stink haha! if you don’t mind that, you will love this dish
  • its a cold dish
  • portion size for this dish is pretty small, so you can probably get this as an appetizer
  • the pork belly is really thin which makes it easy to chew! it was soft and tender! yummm in my mouth

Photo of Chengdu Taste - Alhambra, CA, United States

The mung bean noodle (note I forgot to take a picture of this dish so I got it from another reviewer)

  • the noodle taste like “glass noodles”
  • the noodle actually has taste to it; sometimes, some places make it very bland and the noodles will have no taste or they would just overpower the dish with pepper
  • the dish is cold
  • the nuts and onions on top is an absolute must! it makes the dish so much better


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Kang Kang Food Court@FOODiNG’s

Kang Kang Food Court


104 N Garfield Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Price: $

Attire: Casual (Good breakfast food or lunch)

Service: Average: Its a fast pace restaurant where you order in the counter and find a space to sit by yourself.


My favorite Shanghai Pan Fried Bao!!!!!!

Photo of Kang Kang Food Court - Monterey Park, CA, United States. Amazing Shanghai Pork Buns, $7.95 with tax!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I wanted to share with you this place for good breakfast suggestions or lunch can do as well.

Kang Kang is known for their fried buns due to its crispy skin on the bottom and juicy soup that comes out once you take your 1st bite. The meat is super tender and yum. It’s really a must try when you come.

Photo of Kang Kang Food Court - Monterey Park, CA, United States. XLB is so good here, one already gone before my quick photo snap...

This is the “Xiao Long Bao” that you can order. It has lots of soup inside which is good but I would say that the outer dough can be thinner. Overall, this is an average dish, not my favorite…had better elsewhere.

Photo of Kang Kang Food Court - Monterey Park, CA, United States

while you go up to the counter, you can see all these precooked entrees to choose from. Don’t shy away from it and do try them because it is super flavorful! The servers are generally pretty nice to let you try something if you want (just don’t do it when there are lots of people in line since they can get busy). I would recommend coming with friend and family since they do serve big portions and you may want to try a variety of dishes.

Photo of Kang Kang Food Court - Alhambra, CA, United States

  • note this is one serving with free porridge or rice of your choice
  • the platter is filled to the point that the lid can not close! haha
  • super savory flavor but not too salty
  • dishes are not too dry

Photo of Kang Kang Food Court - Alhambra, CA, United States

This is one of my favorite bowl of Taiwanese noodle soup they call it “Mein xian” in Chinese.

  • Its like a soup with lots of condiments inside
  • add pepper for a kick of taste
  • little oysters are in this dish
  • the noodle is minimal and its very soft so it would be easy for kids to eat; not hard to chew at all
  • I personally like to put some vinegar inside which makes the soup become another amazing taste. Try it yourself!


The interior is nothing to rave about but if you don’t mind the local feeling of the restaurant with just simple chairs and tables…you need to give this place a try. Whenever I am down at South California (SoCal), its like a must go. Since I usually drive to SoCal and arrive early in the day, this is a good place to go since it opens at 6am. Most restaurants opens much later.


Old Town Ramen@ FOODiNG ‘s


Location: 112 S B St

San Mateo CA 94401

Price: $

Attire: Casual

Service: It is a very fast pace restaurant, people are nice but because of how much people eating during the lunch and dinner time, you may need to wave at them a few times to get your water or tea. So don’t expect great service, its a meh~ you’ll have to compromise through their portion size which is definitely much larger compared to other Japanese sushi places.

This place is known for their large portions of sushi rolls and Japanese dishes. I know that this is the same owner as Old Town Sushi which is a couple stores down from Old Town Ramen.

The reason Why I chose to come to this place instead of Old Town Sushi is because of these few facts:

  • It is newer than Old Town Sushi, thus the store inside is cleaner
  • The seating is much more comfortable if you have kids
  • If you have large parties, they have these cute Japanese booths where it gives you some privacy or if you want the kids to not bother others haha!
  • The wait time to get a seat is much better than Old Town Sushi
  • The menu is exactly the same as Old Town Sushi plus an extra Ramen menu
  • Portions are still very big for the price they charge
  • This place isn’t the authentic Japanese style restaurant. It’s more tailored to Westerns I feel, since they have lots of Sushi rolls and creations that authentic Japanese restaurants may not have
  • Nice bento boxes for those who want quick lunches!

This is what I ordered

Chirashi Deluxe

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 10.14.06 AM.jpeg
  • Its basically a bunch of sashimi with rice on the bottom
  • portion is huge; more than enough for 2 people
  • The fish isn’t the best I had, but the price is good…so don’t expect 100$ taste when you only pay $10
  • Rice was not too cold nor hot

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 10.16.59 AM.jpeg

you can see that I had to take all that sashimi out to even find the rice on the bottom
Next item
Chicken teriyaki Entree 
WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 10.17.00 AM (2)
  • HUGE portion again
  • chicken not too dry, its pretty tender
  • portion was enough for the 4 of us (even though its one entree)
  • not too overly sweet with the teriyaki sauce

Sushi Role:

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 10.17.00 AM.jpeg

  • If you like creative sushi rolls, they have a lot to choose from
  • the hint of spicy mayo on top makes it yumm
  • lots of imitation crab meat inside


Overall, this place is good if your not looking for a picky fancy Japanese restaurant. This would lean more towards Western Japanese food. I didn’t try their Ramen just yet, but will be coming back to review! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Please follow and like my page!


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Milkcow for Dessert @FoodiNg’s


Location:  5657 Auto Mall Pkwy
Fremont, CA 94538

b/t Boscell Rd & Christy St

Price: $

We love sweets, who don’t?

When we go out with kids, we are always in for a treat. We always search for bargains and new places to go. Groupon is a site that we often look first before deciding where to go, since we like to explore and it is definitely important to us to get the best prices out there. You can download the app and scroll around to find local deals around you, if you haven’t sign up, please be sure to do so. Click on my Groupon link to get $10 for your first time purchase and 25% off for first time sign up! Since there was a Groupon for Soft Serve Ice Cream, we decided to give it a try. WhatsApp Image 2018-02-05 at 11.44.02 AM

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-05 at 11.44.02 AM (1)

Milkcow is suppose to be known for their creamy and milky soft serve ice cream. This is a popular sweets  that was brought from Korea.  With the Groupon voucher, you get $20 worth of soft serve for the price of $12; which comes out to be roughly 4 cups of LARGE size serving. Since you get 4 voucher, we decided to only use two since the LARGE size serving is plentiful for the kids and adult to devour together.

I personally find the original flavor with the real honey comb to be most tasty as it is quite sweet already and I didn’t want any other condiments to cover the milkiness of the soft serve. But, the kids of course like the ones with the cotton candy. I would recommend the M12 “Santorini” as it contains pistachio nuts, oreo crumbs and some kind of sauce (which I thought was actually too sugary for the kids, so I would actually omit that) + cotton candy.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-05 at 11.44.04 AM

She is looking at the cotton candy questioning how fast can I eat this without sister coming to start eating! 

KitCat is really trying to devour this thing without Belle arriving and interrupting her sweet moment

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-05 at 11.44.06 AM

My taste tester approved of this place as you can see. But it is definitely too much for one kid to indulge so I would recommend sharing. We didn’t get the regular size because it was only 50 cents more to get a larger size that is shareable. 

Now Belle is back from wandering around, she is starting her fair share of sweets moment. 

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WhatsApp Image 2018-02-05 at 11.44.07 AM


Foodie in Bay Area

Family Friendly Restaurant Near Airport

Name: Bertolucci’s

Location: 421 Cypress AveWhatsApp Image 2018-02-02 at 10.21.30 AM
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Type of food: Italian comfort food

Dress: Casual

Price: $$

Are you craving for some comfort food + complimentary bread? It you are, I think this little gem would be a nice place to grab some dinner. We just went to this restaurant last night out of impulse looking for somewhere decent and kids friendly. Plus, we were picking up a friend at the airport.

When we are out with kids, we want something that is filling. Bertolucci is a great Italian restaurant looking in South San Francisco near the airport. For those who just got off the plane hungry looking for dinner or a mellow drink, this is a great place to go as well. Since we didn’t want to trouble with the parking situation in most San Francisco area, we chose this place for its convenience of having a parking lot behind the restaurant.

My friend just arrived to SF and surely was hungry because airplane food may not always be fulfilling to our palate + our kids just got off school and they are super hungry. I’ve made reservations through the convenience of YELP and was seated once we arrived.

The service is tentative, they knew we had kids since I’ve noted it on my reservation so the boosters were already placed at the table for us. Once you walk in, you feel super warm and comfort as you can see the crowd is happy and looks like a regular group of people that would come for casual dinner.

First off, we had the bread brought to our table immediately once we sat down. Usually restaurants have the regular plain bread, but Bertolucci serves warm out of the oven Italian style carbs! They are super generous with their portions of FREE bread and refills. They make sure your feed well. To be honest, my kids could have just ate bread and be full off of that because it was just that good.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-02 at 10.21.34 AM

Our servers gave us some time to sit down and look at the menu while the kids are happily and QUIETLY eating their bread. They had lots of good wine bottles that are priced pretty cheap for eating out (range from $28-50).

We ordered some plates that usually is for one person but definitely portion was shareable as Italian food is usually on the heavier side with their sauce. Don’t expect super fancy here, but comfort and casual is more of what I would describe this place.

Here are some pictures of the food we ate! Hm…portions were awesome and service is super!


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We are by no means affiliated or paid by this restaurant to do this review. I’m just sharing my personal views to my readers of what I suggest. If you know of somewhere you may want to know about, don’t hesitate to give us recommendations and we will have the kiddo’s put the food to a test drive! *Restaurants feel free to reach out to us! Don’t be shy! 

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