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illy Caffe

220 Montgomery St, SF CA 94104

b/t Bush St & Pine St, Financial District


Service: great, self serve

attire: Casual

Price: $

Don’t we all love caffeine? If not, that is fine we have lots of non caffeine selection and pastries to please you. I’ve stumble upon this little gem on my way to hiking. They have regular good espressos and coffee. But if you are looking for some variety, they have lavender latte, honey rose latte, almond latte to name a few. The aroma and ambiance is just so soothing with their music on. I can sit there all day with my laptop and sip on my coffee with a bite of pastry.

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I think their espresso is super strong and good. It is all over europe. When I lived in London and Norway, Illy was everywhere and I hide out in those shops for hours to get my homework done + calm myself.

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I love how their coffee is in tin cans so it would stay fresh and seal the coffee in better than the paper bags. I always take some home with me for my morning coffee run.

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you can see they have a wide selection of pastry and good. Don’t be shy on trying some. The servers are really nice here. You can have them toast up or warm something for you if you like it warm. There are many sweet treats and savory bites. So it really do satisfy everyone. You can really be here for the whole day eating a pastry in the morning and having a sandwich for lunch! haha

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They have super clean and nice decor here. I love their little espresso cups and I find these super cute as they have drawing and art pieces from famous people and country. It is literally all over their shop! you can always pick one up. I use to collect these at home. I would buy one from each country I visit where I see illy!

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ha! Just in case you don’t see. They have the big one right in front of the store and inside way in the back for picture posing!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-15 at 10.20.25 AM (6) of course I got a shot of myself with these!

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So long for now, thanks for reading. Please share and like my post!  I will continue to share more of my foodie experience with everyone.

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